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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Handbook Table of Contents

This page last updated on 9/17/2004


This table of contents presents the information contained in the Handbook in "chronological" order, beginning with an introduction to the College and the campus.  Each of the items in the table also appears in the alphabetical index in the "Adjunct Handbook Index of Topics" link to the left, giving you a choice as to how you navigate to find the information you seek.

This Handbook was written by two adjunct members of the Baruch College faculty: Helene Blieberg (Department of Fine and Performing Arts) and James Drogan (Department of Marketing). Comments and suggestions should be sent to Associate Provost Dennis Slavin.

  1. Introduction and Welcome
    1. Welcome: Messages from the Deans
    2. About the Handbook

    1) The Adjunct's Checklist

         C. About Baruch College

  2. Getting Oriented
    1. Getting to Baruch and Map of the Campus
    2. Paperwork
      1. From Your Department (including workload information)
      2. At Human Resources
    3. Getting an ID Card
    4. Navigating the Buildings
    5. BaruchSpeak (Abbreviations, acronyms, venues etc.)
    6. Getting an E-Mail Account and Phone Number
    7. News and Information
    8. Baruch College Website
      1. Finding Someone
      2. Finding a Course
      3. Finding the Academic Calendar
      4. Calendar of Events
  3. Your Department
    1. Resources
    2. Communication
    3. Photocopying and Supplies
    4. Faculty Meetings
    5. Your Office
    6. Peer Observations
    7. Student Evaluations
  4. Preparing for Class
    1. About Your Course Materials
      1. Ordering Through the Bookstore
      2. Putting Your Course Materials on Reserve in the Newman Library
    2. Student Registration and Attendance
    3. The Syllabus
    4. Blackboard
    5. The Classroom
      1. Room Assignments
      2. The Door and Keys/Cards
      3. Classroom Maintenance
      4. Lecterns or Smart Podia
  5. Teaching a Class
    1. Academic Integrity
    2. Classroom Management
    3. Grading
    4. Guest Speakers and Executives on Campus (EOC)
    5. Student Accident or Illness
    6. Faculty Attendance
  6. Wrapping Up the Course
  7. Outside the Classroom
    1. Availability to Students
    2. Advising Students
    3. Letters of Recommendation
  8. Human Resources
    1. Personnel Policies and Procedures
    2. Benefits
    3. Payroll Checks and Separation Procedures
  9. Other Useful Resources and Information
    1. Athletics and Recreation Center (ARC)
    2. Baruch Calendar of Events
    3. Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)
    4. Bookstore
    5. Campus Security
    6. Course Bulletin
    7. Cultural Enrichment (and Baruch Performing Arts Center)
    8. Emergency and Frequently Called Numbers (Who to Call When)
    9. Faculty Development Seminars
    10. Faculty Handbook
    11. Faculty/Staff Lounges
    12. Medical and Counseling Services
    13. Newman Library (including department liaisons)
    14. Ombuds
    15. Organization and Governance
    16. Schwartz Communication Institute
    17. Union
  10. Letters from the Frontline
    Section devoted to reports from adjuncts on their experiences at Baruch  
  11. Questions for the Associate Provost

Funding for the Baruch Adjunct Handbook has been provided in part by the Joseph Drown Foundation.