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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Keys & Classroom Access

Last updated on 6/29/2010


In the Newman Vertical Campus, your ID card will open your classroom door. The classroom doors in other buildings are open during school hours. In the Newman Vertical Campus, the door will remain unlocked for one hour after you swipe your card. After one hour, the door will automatically lock. If you cannot access your classroom, contact Public Safety/Campus Security (55 Lex.) at 646-312-4888.

You should not use your card to let students into locked classrooms without faculty supervision.  This is Baruch policy and was established to safeguard against security and theft issues.

Your department secretary should provide you with a set of keys when you begin your work at Baruch. You'll need keys to open the doors for your department's office and, possibly, your workspace (your ID card can be swiped to access some work areas in the Newman Vertical Campus). You'll also need keys to unlock your desk and other storage space. 

To obtain a key for an office, desk, or cabinet, an employee of Baruch College must fill out a "Key Work Request". This form can be picked up in academic departments or at the Public Safety Office (17 Lexington Avenue, Room 102). The form must be completely filled out, including the signature of the department Chair. Without the Chair's signature the key will not be produced. After the "Key Work Request" has been filled out it should be brought to the Public Safety Office. The locksmith will then cut the key. After the key is made, Public Safety will ask the employee to pick up the key. Keys will be released only to employees with a Baruch College I.D.