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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

About the Handbook

This page last updated on 2/24/10


This handbook was created to acknowledge and support the significant role of Baruch's adjunct faculty in our classrooms and on our campus. Owing to the limited amount of time adjuncts spend on campus and the fact that many adjuncts arrive after full-time staff is gone and offices are closed, navigating through the systems can be challenging.

The handbook was arranged to take you through your time at Baruch chronologically, from the time you're hired through the submission of your grades at the end of the semester. Using the Table of Contents, you can become familiar with campus buildings, locations and services; learn how to order texts; get listed in the Directory; and have classroom repairs fixed. You'll also come to know about the many resources available to enhance your own teaching and professional experience at Baruch.

An alphabetical index of all sections has also been included for quick reference. You'll also find sections for Checklist for Adjuncts, Questions for the Associate Provost, and Letters from the Frontline.

Throughout this handbook there are links to sections of the Faculty Handbook (vs. the Adjunct Faculty Handbook) or the Baruch website. To navigate through these sections, click the Back button on your browser to return to the Adjunct Faculty Handbook.

The best way to print the handbook is to use the PDF version. The most recent PDF version is dated February 2010. A virtue of the PDF version is that one can do a "word search" of any text contained in PDF. Please note that printed versions of the handbook will print only the text of the handbook, not linked pages, which must be printed directly from the relevant link.

This Handbook was written by two adjunct members of the Baruch College faculty in 2004: Helene Blieberg (Department of Fine and Performing Arts) and James Drogan (Department of Marketing). Your input is welcome: please send comments, suggestions, and questions to Associate Provost Dennis Slavin 646 660-6504 or

Funding for the Adjunct Handbook was provided in part by the Joseph Drown Foundation.