The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Student Evaluations

Last updated on 7/12/2010


During the last weeks of the semester, you'll receive a packet and instructions for distributing student evaluations in your class. Students must be given the opportunity to evaluate each course each semester. After designating one student to collect the evaluations, you'll then leave the classroom while the student evaluation is administered. The student will place the completed evaluations in the designated drop off boxes located in each building.

The evaluation form includes a series of questions covering, for example, your class preparation, presentation, and interaction with students.   Students fill in their answers on a scale of 1-5 (i.e., Never Always); there is no place for comment on the form.

The packet includes a release form for you to sign. You can elect to have the results released to student organizations and posted on the Office of Student Life website by checking the appropriate box on the form.  

A copy of the students' tabulated results will be placed in your department file. Check with your department secretary to find out when the evaluation is in (usually near the beginning of the next semester) and request a copy for your records.

(Baruch policy stipulates that anything placed in an employee's file must be initialed by the employee indicating that s/he knows it is being placed in the file.  If you disagree with a document going into your file, you should initial it and indicate that you wish to rebut it.  If you refuse to sign a document, your supervisor initials it and notes that you refused to sign the document for the file.)

Students receive feedback from us on their performance throughout the semester-- from comments on their papers and work in class to conversations and meetings outside the classroom. To aid in our own professional development, additional evaluation from this important constituency can be helpful. In addition to the student evaluation form, you might solicit student feedback by offering students a way to share their comments anonymously, by dropping their typed comments in your mailbox.

To read more, please see Teacher Evaluations.