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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Getting an E-Mail Account and Phone Number

Last updated on 7/20/2010


E-Mail Accounts: You will decide the most appropriate and direct way for students, your department, and the College to reach you, whether by personal e-mail address or with a Baruch e-mail address. Adjunct faculty can easily create their own Baruch e-mail address and, if desired, can arrange to have Baruch e-mail messages sent to another server. Some of the advantages of having a Baruch e-mail account are that you will automatically receive Baruch public announcements and can be quickly identified by recipients of your e-mail messages. See How to Get E-Mail

Telephone Numbers: Your department will assign a workstation and telephone number to you, both of which are often shared with other adjuncts. The telephone at your workstation is set up to accommodate individual voice mailboxes for each user.  

These voice mailboxes will be created on an as-needed basis. Download the Adjunct Voice Mail Application Form (Word document) which must be completed prior to mailbox creation.  

Request forms may be returned to, faxed to (646) 312-1021 or sent to BCTC at 155 East 25th Street, Room 910, Mailbox H-0910. You will be notified when the mailbox has been created, given a temporary pass code, and written directions. Also see BCTC's Voice Mail Quick Guide.

For more information, please visit BCTC's Telephone Service webpage. If you have any questions, please send them to:

Note: Some adjuncts use their home number as their contact number for their department and the college. Giving this number to students who might want to leave a message for you late at night or on weekends could be disturbing to you. Keep this in mind when choosing the phone number(s) you give out to students and to your department in order for them to reach you.

Baruch Directory: Adjuncts may be listed in the Baruch Directory, with a Baruch telephone number and the e-mail address of your choice (Baruch or other). Check with your department to verify the contact information listing they have for you and whether they will, in fact, be submitting it. To access the Baruch Directory, please click here.