The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Department Resources

Last updated on 6/21/2010

Each department functions differently in its day-to-day operation. It is worth your while to spend some time talking with your Chair and/or department secretary to learn how things get done, how information is communicated, what type of administrative support you can expect and what your department's particular policies regarding such things as faxing and photocopying might be.


A number of people within your department are available to you for questions, guidance, comments and some periodic venting! For those of you who teach at off hours, some additional resources are needed.  

Your department chair is available to answer many of your academic, personnel and policy questions. Your department secretary should be able to assist you with practical questions like how to complete and return forms and rosters; who to call to get your whiteboards cleaned, to repair classroom damage, to change your room assignment, and how to obtain keys and other tools needed to do your job.

The organizational structure at Baruch might differ from that of your business or other professional associations and so determining what the secretary can do for you and what you are expected to do yourself will be useful information.

Faculty colleagues and other adjuncts will also help you navigate your way. Find out who might be teaching other sections of your course and/or related courses. A member of your department will be assigned to conduct a peer observation each semester. This person can also be a resource for you, particularly in discussing teaching techniques and classroom management.

The Baruch staff and service areas like Facilities Resource Center, Security, Baruch Computing and Technology Center are also available to you for assistance and guidance. Many classes are taught evenings and weekends and, while some department offices are closed during those times, the buildings are staffed whenever they are open.

See Emergency and Frequently Called Numbers for a list of departments and numbers to call to respond to your questions and requests.