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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Department Communication

Last updated on 6/30/2010


E-mail messages, memos, grade rosters and other printed materials are shared with you throughout the semester and for those of you who teach outside of normal business hours, obtaining and conveying information important and possibly challenging.

For this reason it is important that your department secretary has your current contact information and knows your preferred address, phone number, as well as the best way to reach you. Similarly, you should know how your department communicates with its faculty. Some adjuncts have their own mailboxes to receive memos, rosters, evaluation packets, exam schedules and other information. In other departments, all adjuncts share a common mailbox. In some departments, communication flows directly from the chair while in others, a deputy chair or secretary serves as the designated contact person.  

You will be notified of deadlines for submission of class materials, and dates of department meetings, peer observations and other departmental activities. Additionally, you may need to contact various members of the department regarding emergencies, cancellation of class, and other timely information. Check to see if there's a master contact list for your department and get a copy of it for your reference.

You can always use the Faculty & Staff Directory to search for contact information by department. Alternatively, search for departmental listings by school; visit either Zicklin's Departments/Faculty web page, the Weissman Faculty and Staff Directory, or the School of Public Affair's Faculty Directory.


*For sending and receiving inter-office as well as U.S. mail, please see Mail.