The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Course Materials

Last updated on 6/21/2010


Whether taking over for someone who created a particular course or introducing one yourself, you're likely to have some flexibility in choosing the materials for use in your class. If the course you are teaching is one section of a required course, some degree of standardization across all sections is likely. Your chair will be able to guide you or direct you to someone else in the department.  

Your decision to use a textbook, articles and/or other materials is one you can reach after talking to your chair, reviewing course syllabi, and considering your own course objectives. Your department is your resource for information on which texts and which editions are required or suggested. Your department might also have a collection of review copies of textbooks in your field, so that you can become familiar with the current offerings.  

Review or Desk Copies: If your department does not have such a collection or, if you'd like to review a particular text that you can't find there, the Baruch College Bookstore Manager can provide you with a listing of publishers' reps and their contact information. You can call, identify yourself as a Baruch College faculty member, and request a review copy ("desk copy") of the book. These books are provided at no charge, or for a small shipping and handling fee. They are often yours to keep or to add to your own or your department's collection.   You're not limited to the publishers on the bookstore's list. If the publisher you're looking for is not on the list, contact them directly and place your request.

See Bookstore for information on ordering materials from the Baruch Bookstore.

See Course Reserves for information on reserving materials in the Newman Library.