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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Navigating the Buildings:

Named Rooms, Elevator Banks, and Off-Hours Access

Last updated on 2/26/2015

An overview of the Baruch College Campus will guide you through the buildings on campus.

Named Rooms on Campus

In addition to navigating the buildings of Baruch, you'll want to know how to reach the many named rooms on campus. As a matter of course, whenever events are held in these rooms, online and posted announcements include the room name, number, and building location. However, to help ensure familiarity with Baruch's layout, here is a listing for quick reference:

4 North - 17 Lexington Ave., Room 400

4 South - 17 Lexington Ave., Room 401

5 South - 17 Lexington Ave., Room 501

Bernie West Theatre - 17 Lexington Ave., 9th floor, Room 910

Engelman Recital Hall - Newman Vertical Campus, Baruch Performing Arts Center, B-3

Faculty Lounges - 1) Newman Vertical Campus, 14th floor, Room 215

Marble Lounge - 137 East 22nd Street, 2nd floor

Mason Hall - 17 Lexington Ave., first floor/lobby

Nagelberg Theater - (Rose Nagelberg Theatre) Newman Vertical Campus, Baruch Performing Arts Center, entrances on B-2 and B-3

Nallin Recital Hall - 17 Lexington Ave., Room 1220

Newman Conference Center - 151 East 25th Street, Newman Library, Room 750

Oak Room - 137 E.22 Street, Room 2-103

Oval Room - Newman Vertical Campus, Room 14-220

Provost's Conference Room (formerly President's Conference Room) - 135 E. 22 Street, Room 705

Skylight Room - 17 Lexington Ave., Room 306

Newman Vertical Campus Elevator Banks

By taking the lobby escalator up one level to the 2nd Floor you can access the Newman Vertical Campus building's main elevator banks. These elevators stop only on floors 2, 5, 8, and 11 and may not be the most convenient for you. On the 2nd Floor you'll also find escalators that continue up to the 5th floor.

Two others sets of elevators operate in the building. A bank of elevators located in the NW corner of the lobby (closer to 25th Street), beyond the metal doors marked Conference Center, provides access to each of the 14 floors in the building. It is helpful to direct outside guests to these elevators for more direct access to your classrooms.

In addition, another elevator, located near the 25th Street lobby entrance, will take you down to the Baruch Performing Arts Center (BPAC).

Elevator Banks in Other Buildings: By becoming familiar with the elevator configurations in other buildings you'll discover the most direct route from the lobby to your destination. Each building has its own vertical charms and lobby security is on hand to help you navigate.

Off-Hour Access: This link will take you to a portion of the Security (Public Safety) page. The page includes additional useful information you can read by scrolling up or down.