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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Baruch College Website

Last updated on 7/12/2010

Finding Someone
Finding a Course
Finding the Academic Calendar
Calendar of Events

The Baruch College Website offers a wealth of information on the College and its schools, departments and services.   By using it, you'll be able to keep track of important academic year deadlines, locate a faculty or staff member, check the policy on grades, learn how to operate the classroom lecterns, see who's speaking on campus and much more. Clearly organized with an active menu bar on each page, it will become one of your primary resources for many of your questions.


Finding Someone

Baruch's online Directory will provide you with a comprehensive way to search by name and/or department.   Selecting a department or school will pull up all listed faculty and staff members associated with that area.   By clicking on those names, you'll see a complete listing, including phone, fax and mailing address.   You can also send the person an e-mail message directly from the listing.

Finding A Course

There are a number of ways to locate a course using the website. The home page offers a link to the current course offerings. You can also access the information by using the Academics heading on the menu bar. There you'll see Courses listed as one of the pull down menu options. Selecting that option will lead you to additional choices, including Schedule of Classes," Online Bulletin, and "Academic Programs."

The Schedule of Classes will enable you to search by department, professor, semester, day, course number, etc. Once you locate the course, you can click on it to read a brief description.

The Online Bulletin link will take you to a pair of PDF files that will download the complete undergraduate and graduate bulletins for Baruch College. They include general information, requirements by school and department and course descriptions.

Academic Programs will take you to a pair of listings with links to each school and department, both undergraduate and graduate.

Each semester, a current course listing is printed but copies go very quickly. Check with the Office of the Registrar or your department secretary for the distribution schedule and to see if the department gets copies for its staff.

Finding the Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar will list various important dates, such as the first and last day of classes, exam periods, school closings and the last day to drop classes. You can easily access it through the website by selecting the Calendar option on the menu bar and selecting Academic Calendar.

Calendar of Events

Baruch maintains a series of calendars to keep faculty, staff and students up-to-date on campus deadlines, speakers, performances and events of interest. You might want to make some of the on-campus activities part of your course work or you might want to attend a presentation for your own interest; you might be interested in activities taking place on other CUNY campuses, or you might want to know the performance schedule of the upcoming student production.

Please see the Calendar of Events for a current schedule. This calendar as well as other events/goings-on of interest can also be accessed via Baruch's Home Page. Additionally, please visit our Comprehensive Campus Calendar for a complete listing of Baruch news and events.