The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Availability to Students

Last updated on 2/6/2015

There are two main activities outside the classroom to which you should devote time:

  1. Making yourself available to students. This a very important activity discussed in more detail below.
  2. Improving your skills. Please see Faculty Development Seminars for discussions of these activities.

The students form their opinions of you, the course, and the subject from the totality of their experiences. What you do outside the classroom is an essential component of these experiences.

Availability to Students

Our aim is to provide a learning experience second to none. Often this cannot be done solely in the classroom. It makes good sense to make yourself available to students outside the classroom.

The student:

  1. May need extra help in order to understand.
  2. May be shy and unwilling to question in class.
  3. May simply need someone to discuss the course with on a one-on-one basis.

We should not be seeking to do the job of Medical and Counseling Center or the Career Development Center. We should, however, strive to understand the student's needs and connect him or her with the best available resources.

One could choose to be available to the student during designated office hours. These should be noted in your syllabus and discussed the first time you meet with the students. Alternatively, you may wish to tell the students how they may contact you to set up appointments.

However you do it, please make yourself available.