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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Advising Students

Last updated on 6/17/2010

You may be approached by the student seeking advice on course and career choices.

Common sense is quite likely the best way to deal with these situations.   This common sense is rooted in 1) an understanding of Baruch's policies, procedures, and resources, and 2) your relevant knowledge and experiences.

Baruch provides:

  1. The Center for Academic Advisement for undergraduates. 
  2. Separate centers for graduate students depending upon their school.   For information on graduate advisement, go to Graduate Programs/Advisement: SPA or Graduate Programs/Advisement: WSAS or Graduate Programs/Advisement: ZSB.
  3. The STARR Career Development Center provides comprehensive career services to Baruch College undergraduates and to graduate students from the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences.
  4. The SACC - Student Academic Consulting Center (a tutoring center), whose mission is to help the undergraduates of Baruch succeed academically and in their chosen professions by helping them throughout their college years. SACC is mainly staffed by peers--Baruch students who understand what their colleagues are experiencing and can knowledgeably assist them. Faculty members work with the peer tutors to insure a high quality of services. Visit the official SACC website.
  5. Departmental Academic advisors advise students on the courses that makeup the majors.

Our job as adjuncts is to support the policies, procedures, and resources of the college. It is appropriate, therefore, to take a quick trip through these sites and understand their roles and responsibilities.

Many of you come to the adjunct profession with extensive knowledge and experience. You should use this to help the students while keeping in mind the larger context of Baruch.