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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Summer Teaching Evaluation Comparison

Last updated on 9/19/05

To:         Joint Committee on Student Evaluation of Courses and Teaching


From:     David Dannenbring


Re:         Results of Summer Teaching Evaluations


Linked below is a spreadsheet that summarizes results for those summer 2005 courses that administered both the current evaluation instrument as well as the proposed new evaluation instrument.


A few explanations are necessary. There were 14 sections that administered both instruments. These are only identified as sections 1-14 to maintain anonymity. Averages are provided for all 17 questions on the old instrument and for the 18 questions on the new instrument. In addition, simple numeric averages are also provided for each general section (Course Content, Course Delivery, Learning Environment, and Course Impact) of the new instrument.


As a means of comparison, the two columns on the left provide correlation coefficients between the new instrument and the old. The first of these columns shows the correlation between each of the new instrument questions and question #11 on the old instrument. Similar correlations are provided for the new instrument groups compared also with question #11. The second column provides correlations between comparable questions on the old and new instruments. The pairing of questions can be identified by looking at the comments to the right of the old questions.


I hope this information in useful to the Committee.

Spreadsheet: results for those summer 2005 courses that administered both the current and the proposed new evaluation instrument