Notice about A-1 File on Spasrv2(H).doc

Shared Folder for SPA Administrative Purposes.

Updated 11/13/02


As part of an ongoing effort to streamline SPA’s administrative systems, we have put a number of useful documents that others in SPA may want to read &/or copy in a shared folder so that all of SPA can have “Read Only” access to them. I hope that you will find these files helpful. I urge you to look through these files and see what is there so that you can begin to make use of them


The files can be found on the drive/folder called "Shared Folders on 'Spasrv2'" (which is mostly known as the H drive, but may have a different letter designation on different PCs -- depending on when it was created on your HD). The first folder on Spasrv2 is called “A1 Files for  Read-Only  use by  ALL of SPA”. This is a folder to which the entire School now has "Read Only" access.  (Read Only access means that you cannot modify the document, but you may print it or copy it to your own desktop or folder so that you can modify it or use as you see fit.  We in the Dean’s Office will maintain the files and will e.g., update the contact lists as needed.)


(The A-1 folder is accessible on most computers at H: Shared Folders. Some people may have another letter mapped to Shared Folders. If you do not see Shared Folders at all, either through Windows Explorer or My Computer, contact to have your computer mapped to this drive.)


Here is how the A-1 file is organized:  The “A1 Files for Read-Only use by ALL of SPA” folder contains several further sub-folders that are organized at 11/11/02 as shown below:  (These may be revised from time to time without notice.  Many documents contain instructions on how to use them in a different color ink at the top of the shared docuement.)


Contact Lists  (Note: these will be updated whenever the info changes, and will be corrected if you offer corrected info to Persi)

·  Email SPA email L I S T  for copying . doc   (before you copy and use this list, note that some staff <names in color> are listed with both faculty and staff, so please delete the names from one section before making copies)

·  Former SPA faculty and staff . doc

·  Quick phone list for Baruch admin . doc

·  Retired SPA faculty-contact info . doc

·  SPA Advisory Board Contact List . doc

·  SPA  phone table II . mdb


Events and Promo  (SPA events for Baruch Master Calendar, Event planning checklists,etc )

·  Un-filed / loose in the folder are:

o       Program or Event Fact Sheet Template

o       01-02 Preliminary Events Calendars . doc

o       Cmtns + Mktg - Contact list for SPA . doc

o       Memo setting out timeframe for publications . doc

o       National Arts Club anncmt re Sullivan . doc

o       NY Women’s Bar Invite . doc

o       NY Women’s Bar Invite2 . doc

o       PPB Poster . doc

o       PPB2 Poster . doc

o       Video Idea . doc


·  Baruch Master Calendar Items

o       List of SPA Events Feb+March 2002 . doc

o       List of SPA Events – February 2002 . doc

o       List of SPA Events-May-June 2002 . doc

o       List of SPA Events – April 2002 . doc

o       Prelim Spring 02 Events . doc


·  Event Check-List

o       8-29-01 List of SPA Events-Master Calendar . doc

o       Event Check List 22nd St . doc

o       Event Check List 25th St . doc

o       Event Check List . doc

o       Event Set up list Karen Sauvigne . doc


Invoices  (Templates and generic invoices to and from SPA)

·        Invoice from SPA TEMPLATE

·        Invoice to SPA from consultant TEMPLATE . doc

·        Invoice Sample generic

·        Sample-generic invoice


Letterhead-Memo-Fax FORM  (Note: Wendy will put the new logo on these documents as soon as she is able to digitize it.  The 2-page versions of these forms work best if you show the space and paragraph marks on your screen so you can tell where the section page-break is inserted and are guided by it. Go the MSWord “Help” if you need assistance with this function.)

·        Fax Cover FORM . doc

·        Fax Cover FORM Alternative FORMS . doc

·        Fax Cover FORM . doc

·        Letter FORM 1 Page . doc

·        Letter FORM 2-pp . doc

·        Memo FORM 1 page-II . doc

·        Memo FORM 1-page . doc

·        Memo FORM for use on LH . doc


Office + Admin FORMs etc  (Using the electronic version of these forms can save lots of time, especially if you ever have to re-do the form. Save it as and document on your own folder, or copy it to yourself and fill it in as you see fit.)


Personnel Matters (Some of these are similar to the above office forms but specifically for personnel matters, some are standard info for new hires or standard SPA procedures.)


o       Application- Classified Staff Leave FORM . doc

o       Application- Special Leave of Absence FORM . doc

o       BCF Personnel Action FORM . doc

o       BCF Personnel Action FORM- II . doc

o       BCF Timesheet FORM . doc

o       GGT Personnel Action FORM . doc

o       GGT Timesheet FORM . d

o       HEO Application FORM Baruch . doc

o       FORM I-9 Verification . pdf

o       RF PAF - Instructions (fm SPAR). doc

o       Position Control Forms- Instructions . doc

o       Position Control FORM . doc

o       Bi-weekly Timesheet Non-teaching Adjunct FORM . doc

o       Termination letter TEMPLATE . doc


·        Info for New Hires + Welcome

·        New hires info re network logon . doc

·        New hires info re SPA Tech Svcs . doc

·        New hires pre-employment info + forms . doc

·        Voice-mail box set up procedures . doc


·        Search

·        Faculty Recruitment Plan FORM . doc

·        Procedure- Staff Search PROCESS . doc

·        Procedure – staff search GUIDELINES . doc

·        Recruitment Plan-HEO -Addendum TEMPLATE . doc

·        Recruitment Plan Faculty -Addendum TEMPLATE . doc