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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Proctoring Exams

This page was last updated on 5/6/13

"Faculty members who ignore academic dishonesty send the message that the core values of academic life, and community life in general, are not worth any significant effort to enforce."

- excerpted from a previous iteration of the academic integrity website of Rutgers University


Many students have expressed dismay about examinations held with little attempt to proctor carefully. Cheating, they suggest, is rampant in those classes. In their view, some students feel encouraged to cheat and the honest students who have worked hard feel punished. Many studies suggest that the number of students who cheat on exams can be drastically reduced if faculty clearly announce the rules in advance and monitor the exams.

The Provost's office is able to offer proctoring support to any member of the faculty (FT or adjunct) with more than 50 students in her/his class. There are two conditions: that the instructor is not already receiving a proctor from another source (if other sources are available, they should be applied to first) and that the instructor also serve as a proctor for the exam. Instructors who qualify should contact their department chair to locate and arrange for an appropriate proctor. As of April 13, 2012, proctors will be paid $20 per hour (i.e., they will be paid $40 for final exams that last two hours).


To pay all proctors, use the Baruch College Fund Personal Action Form (PAF).  Fill in the person’s name, address, social security number, work phone number and email address and have them sign the PAF.  Under “Payroll Title”, write “Non-teaching adjunct.”   Under “Total Salary,” write $40 (or whatever is appropriate). Under “Comments,” write “Payment for proctoring exam.”

A memo must also be attached from either the Chair of the department or the Professor involved stating that  they authorized the exam to be proctored by [NAME OF PERSON].  They must state the course and date of the exam and whether it is a midterm or final exam.

Bring the completed forms to the Provost’s office.  We will fill in the account number, account name and rate of pay.  Here is a link to the new (as of spring 2013) Baruch College Fund PAF.

If the employee has never been paid by the Baruch College Fund before, he/she must also submit:

  • a W-4 form
  • an I-9 form
  • an IT-2104 form
  • a copy of their Baruch ID card
  • a copy of their social security card
  • a copy of a driver’s license (or passport or any other state ID) or any other documentation listed on page 5 of the I-9 form under “LISTS OF ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS.”

Proctors who are on an F1, J1 or H1B Visa must also submit a copy of their work authorization.  If their work authorization has expired, they must obtain a new one from the International Student Services Center.


These documents are required only the first time that someone is paid from these funds. 

For suggestions on how to proctor, see the PDF file of Creating and Administering Exams, distributed in hard copy to faculty in December 2004.

I would be delighted to learn about any practices you have found useful that are not mentioned in Creating and Administering Exams:

On a lighter(?) note