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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

FPA Mission

Last updated on 1/29/03

                      Mission Statement

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

The department's mission is to foster critical and creative thinking through artistic study, performance, and creation, and to promote cultural enrichment through appreciation of, and participation in, the artistic experience. Students gain valuable intellectual understanding of the vital role played by the arts in past and current societies around the world as well as acquire aesthetic sensitivity and refine communications skills preparing them as leaders in varied business, cultural, and educational institutions. The faculty of the department of Fine and Performing Arts are dedicated to research, scholarship, excellence in teaching, and performative experience in diverse artistic fields.

Courses in art history and studio art provide broad foundations in the liberal arts as well as enable students to continue in graduate study in art history or arts administration. Courses offered by the department serve to foster an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts, thus empowering students to take full advantage of the unparalleled opportunities for cultural enrichment here in the New York City area, not only during their undergraduate years, but throughout their lives. Students may develop an ad hoc Liberal Arts major with a concentration in art history or arts
administration. The program offers an opportunity to study the art market in New York City, its international center.

Courses in the Graphic Communications major and the Graphics and Photography
minors serve students who wish to enter the creative professions. They integrate the missions of both the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and the Zicklin School of Business and advance the student's understanding of our increasingly complex visual world.

Courses in Music literature, history, and theory provide broad foundations in the liberal arts as well as equip students to continue in graduate programs in music and the music business. Majors in Music specializing in the Management of Musical Enterprises prepare for positions in the fields of concert management, entertainment law, and other areas combining the study of Music with Business subjects or Public Administration.

Theatre students may develop an ad hoc Liberal Arts Major with a Concentration in Theatre. Those interested in both business and theatre may follow the ad hoc Theatre Arts Administration major. The Theatre Minor is a popular option for both liberal arts and business students. Courses in Theatre at Baruch enhance performance and language competency, while opening doors both to contemporary NYC theatre and to the international world of Theatre Studies and production. Baruch¹s new Performing Arts Center serves both the College and the community by bringing significant theatre artists and their works on campus.

For more on the arts at Baruch College see the website of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts and the arts page of the faculty handbook.