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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Ethics Week 2010

Last updated on 3/15/10

Ethics Week 2010

March 22-27

Ethics Week is generously supported by the Charles Dreifus
Ethics-Across-the-Curriculum Initiative.

During Ethics Week, members of the Baruch faculty are encouraged to initiate discussions in their classrooms of ethical issues related to their subjects/disciplines. The schedule that follows lists special events featuring members of the Baruch community and invited guests.

Schedule of Events

Date, Time, Location TBA

Teaching Ethics: How To Start Ethics Discussions and How Not To Snuff Them Out By Accident 
Prof. Douglas Lackey
(Philosophy) will host an informal discussion with faculty colleagues on the subject of leading classroom discussions of ethics. Interested colleagues should contact Prof. Lackey: 646 312-4370 or

Tuesday, March 23

12:30-2:00  (151 E. 25th St., Newman Library Building, Room 750)

Google vs. China
Join The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity for the first seminar in the David Berg Foundation Series on Ethics and Accountability. This panel discussion will take a closer look at the conflict between Google and China. Panelists include:

  • Zachary Karabell, President, River Twice Research
  • Joey Lee, Robert L. Bernstein Fellow in International Human Rights, Human Rights in China
  • Devin Stewart, Director, Global Policy Initiatives, Carnegie Council

Complimentary pre-registration is required to attend this program: or by calling 646-312-3231 or by email to 
Lunch will be served.     

12:45-2:15  (17 Lex, Weinstein Honors Lounge, Room 903-905)

On My Honor... Creating an Honor Code for the Honors Program
Join Honors students, faculty, and administrators in an open forum to discuss developing an Honor Code for the Honors Program. Three out of four college students admit to cheating. Texting answers to exams, cutting and pasting from websites, lying about an emergency to get an extension, copying an assignment from a classmate... apparently everyone’s done it. Does it matter? Why? Or why not? Share your thoughts about what an Honor Code for the Honors Program might require.
Lunch will be served. 

Wednesday, March 24


Work as a Spritual Gymnasium
Alan Lurie, author of Five Minutes on Mondays: Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace and Fulfillment at Work, is a Managing Director at Grubb & Ellis, a leading real estate firm in the U.S. Drawing on the five-minute sermons he delivers weekly to inspire, motivate, entertain, and unite his staff, Lurie will meet with Prof. Sydney Hecker’s PSY 3288 class (Psychology of Advertising) to share his thoughts on how to meet the demands of the business world while meeting the needs of the spirit.  Seating is limited; anyone wishing to attend should contact Prof. Hecker at:

12:30-2:00  (Newman Vertical Campus, 14-220)    

Green TV: Driving Ratings and Profits
Beth Colleton of NBC Universal. Ms. Colleton has been Vice President of “Green Is Universal” (GIU), NBC Universal’s Green Initiative, since June 2008. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day business of GIU, including the coordination of “Green” programming and activities throughout all NBCU divisions for NBC Universal’s “Green Weeks” as well as all ongoing content and community initiatives. This interview is co-sponsored by the Sustainable Business Club, the Zicklin Graduate Marketing Club, the Zicklin Media and Entertainment Association, Zicklin Women in Business, and the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity.  
Complimentary pre-registration is required to attend this program: or by calling 646-312-3231 or by email to 
Light Refreshments will be served.

Thursday, March 25

12:30-2:00  (Newman Vertical Campus, 14-220)

Corporate Ethics in the New Decade: From Enron to the Meltdown, and Where We Go from Here
Kerry A. Miller, Office of General Counsel, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, will lead a discussion focusing on different ethical issues for lawyers, investment bankers, accountants and boards of directors that arose from the Enron collapse. Complimentary pre-registration is required to attend this program: or by calling 646-312-3231 or by email to 
Lunch will be served.      

1:00-2:00  (151 E. 25th St., Newman Library Building, Room 135

Ethical Writing and Research (workshop for students)
One of a student’s responsibilities as a writer is to write ethically: to present credible sources, to give credit for an idea or language where credit is due, and to give the reader enough information to trace one’s sources. Doing so not only treats readers and other writers fairly, but also helps to establish one’s own authority as a trustworthy writer. This workshop, jointly sponsored by the Writing Center and Newman Library, will help students determine the quality of sources as evidence, identify the elements of attribution for sources, and understand how to clearly communicate this information to readers. Though not a nuts-and-bolts MLA or APA workshop, this workshop will introduce online resources for citation formats while helping students understand the deeper reasons why such citation systems are ethically necessary.    

1:30-4:30  (Newman Vertical Campus, 14-270)

Respectful Workplaces: Preventing Sexual Harassment (for CUNY managers and supervisors)
Stephanie Davis, Esq., consultant, Employment Practices Solutions, Inc., will provide a comprehensive review of the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Managers and supervisors will receive information on sexual harassment law, learn how to recognize sexual harassing behavior in the workplace, and learn what they can do to prevent a sexually hostile work environment. She also will review the University’s policy against sexual harassment and its procedures for implementation of the policy. Confirm attendance by email: by March 18.

4:00-6:00  (Newman Vertical Campus, 14-220)

Presentation of the Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics
Presentation of these annual prizes is part of the college’s annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony, which honors full-time members of the faculty for publications, external grants, and creative achievements. The Briloff Prizes are intended to stimulate scholarship in the field of ethics, with an emphasis on ethics in professional life. Honoring Abraham J. Briloff, Emmanuel Saxe Distinguished Professor of Accountancy Emeritus, these prizes are awarded annually to a faculty member (full time and/or adjunct) who has written an important topical article, essay, or book on ethics, and to one or more students (undergraduate and/or graduate) who have written an outstanding research paper or essay on ethics.   

Ethics Week is generously supported by the Charles Dreifus
Ethics-Across-the-Curriculum Initiative.

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Some background information about
Ethics Week at Baruch College

Ethics Week was the idea of Prof. Roslyn Bernstein (English), who suggested at the concluding session of the Spring 2003 Seminar, "Ethics Across and Beyond the Curriculum," that the college set aside one week during which members of the faculty would be encouraged to discuss ethical issues specific to their subjects/disciplines in their classrooms, and departments or programs would invite outside speakers for public presentations.

Ethics Week 2010 is organized by Associate Provost Dennis Slavin (646-660-6504).

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