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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Campus Intervention Team (CIT)

Last updated on 10/16/2017

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Baruch’s Campus Intervention Team (CIT), which was launched in fall 2008, acts as a support network for students in crisis at the College. The team is a coordinated point of contact to follow-up on concerns about students expressed by other members of the Baruch community. Any member of the college community (faculty, students, staff) can reach out to the CIT to report a concern about a student.

The CIT is constituted to assist in providing support for students in crisis. Faculty or staff concerns should be reported to the Office of the Provost or to Human Resources, respectively.

Concerned faculty, staff or students may fill out an Incident Communication Form if they have noticed student behavior which is perceived to be harmful to the student him/herself or to others.

Crisis may manifest itself in many ways, but some examples are:  

  • Unusual or erratic behavior in class
  • Extended absence from class by a typically engaged student
  • Written work with troubling themes or references
  • Verbal or written threats made by a student toward another student
  • Written or verbal expressions of suicidal ideation
  • Other actions that cause an alarm or call into question the safety of the student or his/her peers
  • Messages on social media with concerning language.

Members of Baruch College’s faculty and staff will be the first, in many situations, to witness and question troublesome student behavior.  Reporting that behavior to the Campus Intervention Team will accomplish several things.  First, it will alert us to a student in need so that we can reach out to the student and offer the appropriate support service, whether it is counseling or general health services, academic advising, disability student services or some other need.  Additionally, since any Baruch community member can report a concern, the team may know whether the student’s behavior is an isolated incident or something that is pervasive.

The core members of the Baruch Campus Intervention Team (CIT) are:


Pat Imbimbo (Chair)
Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Art King
Vice President & Dean of Students

Sharon Ricks
Executive Director, Center for Academic Advising & New Student Programs

David Cheng
Director, Counseling Center

Damali Smith
Director, Student Life

Patricia Fleming
Director, Student Disability Services

Amanda Pryor
Residence Life Coordinator

Joy Allison
Associate Director, Health & Wellness

John Siotkas
Assistant Director, Public Safety

If you have not already done so, please visit the CIT website at  for more information about Baruch’s Campus Intervention Team or to report a concern about a student.  We can also be reached at  or 646-312-4570.

Please assist us in providing this essential support for Baruch students.