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STA 2100 Statistics for Social Science
4.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

An introduction to statistical concepts and methods of organizing, presenting, and analyzing quantitative data. Emphasis will be on the application of these tools in making inferences and decisions from experimental and observational data. Includes measurement scales; descriptive statistics; basic probability and probability distributions; concepts of sample, population, and sampling distribution; elements of statistical inference; one-way and two-way analysis of variance; and an introduction to correlation and regression analysis. The following distributions are examined and applied to the solution of problems: binomial, normal, t, and F distributions. Techniques for using the computer as a tool in the analysis of statistical problems will be introduced. Beginning in Summer 2012, STA 2100 is not equivalent to STA 2000. STA 2100 cannot be used in lieu of STA 2000 to satisfy pre –business core requirement for a Zicklin major and to satisfy the prerequisite for any intermediate or advanced STA course. Students may receive credit for either STA 2100 or STA 2000.

Prerequisite: MTH 1030