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POL 5452 Field Work in Government and Politics
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

The student interested in a government career is afforded the opportunity to work under supervision in a public agency or political institution. The course is designed primarily to bridge the gap between the classroom and actual employment. Each student serves as an intern in a federal, state, or municipal agency appropriate to his or her major field of study.

May be repeated once for credit as an outside elective. Before registering, students must obtain the permission of the specialization advisor and the faculty member in charge of placement. This course is cross-listed as PUB 5452. Students may receive credit for either POL 5452 or PUB 5452, not both. In order to receive credit for PUB 5452, students must fulfill that department's prerequisites.

Prerequisite: POL 1101 and one of the following: POL 2220, 2321, 3312, 3323, or 3422; ECO 2500; HIS 3472 or 3551; SOC 3051; or departmental permission.