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PAF 9198 Public Affairs Workshop
15.0 Class hours (total over the semester, offered in three intensive class sessions); 1.0 Credit

This one-credit course provides focused training in a range of public policy and public or nonprofit management topics. Offered at several points during the semester, the workshop will be taught by external practitioners and/or Baruch faculty with special expertise in the subject matter. Sample topics include Total Quality Management, Board Relations for Nonprofits, Proposal Writing, Media Relations, and Building an Agency Budget. The workshop format includes: (1) assignment of readings and other materials, mailed to students 2-3 weeks prior to the initial class, (2) an all-day Saturday meeting, followed by two to three weeks to work on written assignments, (3) a second all-day Saturday session, and (4) a final assignment completed after the second Saturday session and mailed or e-mailed to the instructor.

Prerequisite: Open to all School of Public Affairs students; others with School of Public Affairs permission. Students may take the workshop up to three times, with the permission of their advisor.