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MGT 9968 Entrepreneurial Communications: Selling and Negotiating
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

Our ability to be successful entrepreneurs is grounded firmly in our communication skills. Successful entrepreneurs must be able to sell their ideas, products, and services, and they must be able to negotiate with clients, customers, co-workers, and funding sources. Entrepreneurial communication skills are required whether we are seeking financing from a bank, hiring a new employee, distributing work within a team, or persuading someone this is a viable idea. The purpose of this course is to develop one's skill set in entrepreneurial communication through an understanding of skills and strategies in selling and negotiation. Entrepreneurial communication revolves around the art and science of selling and negotiating. Therefore, the purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of selling and negotiation. The course will train students to use principled models of selling and negotiation and to better predict and assess the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations in competitive situation.

Note: Not open to students who have completed MGT 9868.