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MGT 9965 Boards, Governance, and Leadership within E ntrepreneurial, Family , and Social Enterprises
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

This course provides a theoretical and practical framework for the study of best practices for governance structure, strategy, and leadership, and for the establishment of Boards o f Directors within entrepreneurial, family, and social enterprises. It covers the appropriate timing of governance for entrepreneurial firms and oversight of an organization’s audit, compensation, governance, strategic plans, performance, executive leaders hip, succession, risk and crisis management, ethics and compliance, innovation, and major investment matters – all of which are vital to the growth and sustainability of a wide range of organizations. Readings, assignments, and in- class exercises will illu strate principles, stimulate discussion and foster creative thinking about board roles and responsibilities, governance, committees, structures, and leadership in both for profit and nonprofit organizations.

Prerequisite: None