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MGT 9965 Boards, Governance, and Leadership within Entrepreneurial and Family Firms
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

This course is to provide a framework for the study of best practices for boards, governance, and leadership, as well as for the establishment of Boards of Directors within entrepreneurial and family firms. Starting and managing a high-growth/high-potential business and taking a strategic approach to the sustainability of an existing business across generations involves important decisions of governance of a company and its leadership over time. Boards have oversight responsibility and play key roles for a company’s governance, audit, strategic plans, performance, executive leadership and compensation, succession, risk and crisis management, ethics and compliance, and major investment matters. The selection of the appropriate corporate structure and governance system, as well as when and how to initiate a formal board and the various components and levels of governance, are vital to the growth and sustainability of most businesses, both entrepreneurial and family firms. The course will provide a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge about the role of the board versus the management of a company and the process of professionalizing the business for growth, innovation, change and sustainability over time. Students will gain a strong understanding of board roles and responsibilities, governance, committees, structures, and leadership styles, which will lead to strong business over time. Readings, assignments, and in-class exercises will be used to illustrate principles, stimulate discussion and foster the creative thinking necessary for the development and implementation of sound governance strategies and structures. Simulated Board Meetings will also be enacted in class.

Prerequisite: None