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MGT 9962 Managing the Family Business
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

This course is designed to introduce students to the major concepts, models, theories, and research in the field of family business. The course offers students the opportunity to explore family business topics such as business formation, growth and expansion, strategic management, professionalization, succession, location choices, and family dynamics, conflicts, and relationships relative to the business. An overview of families who own businesses and the profiles of their businesses will be presented along with the examination of the course topics relative to the various stages of business activity, including feasibility, start-up, ongoing maintenance, expansion or redirection, and exit or transfer. The course also provides an introduction to research on family businesses by surveying the conceptual issues and methodological approaches related to the study of family business. The content of the course will include lectures, case studies, group discussion, and presentations.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: MGT 9960 (formerly MGT 9860). Not open to students who have completed MGT 9867