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MGT 4969 Social Entrepreneurship
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

Social Entrepreneurship is the set of activities involved in creating a private or nonprofit venture with a public or social purpose. This course is designed to prepare students to better understand how social entrepreneurship fits within the larger rubric of entrepreneurship; how social entrepreneurship is unique in its purpose; and how one goes about creating and sustaining a social enterprise. Students will be guided through the process of developing a social venture. Emphasis will be placed on opportunity recognition and how a social entrepreneur refines an idea into a viable opportunity. Other topics to be covered include building an entrepreneurial team, strategic planning, business planning, competitive analysis, marketing, risk management, and financial management. The importance of accountability will be emphasized. The course will be crosslisted with the School of Public Affairs.

The course will be cross-listed with the School of Public Affairs.

Prerequisite: MGT 3960 (formerly MGT 3860) or MGT 3960H or permission of the Department.