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MGT 4966 Social Business: Social Networking for Entrepreneurs
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

The objective of this course is to provide students with the requisite skills to understand and be able to identify and evaluate how new ventures and existing enterprises are utilizing social communication to create more transparent information networks by engaging and connecting internal and external stakeholders. These social networks are multidimensional and, since information is highly transparent and accessible, help enterprises to both speed up business development as well as manage entrepreneurial risk more proactively. Similar to the real world business development process, this course emphasizes small business studies and entrepreneurship relative to new and established ventures that use social networking to address issues including company leadership, marketing, HR, finance, and computer information systems. Specifically, the course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the power of new social networking strategies/tools through a series of case studies (e.g. IBM, Facebook, Google) and develop a social business strategy for an existing business or new venture. Students will actively explore how social networking transcends personal and professional relationships, and ultimately answer the question: “How can social communication enhance my entrepreneurial new venture?” Students who have taken MGT 4966 or MKT 4966 prior to spring 2012 will receive credit for either MGT 4966 or MKT 4966, not both. Students who take MGT 4966 from spring 2012 onward may receive credit for both MGT 4966 and MKT 4966.

Prerequisite: MGT 3120.