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COM 9992 MA Capstone Project in Corporate Communication
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

The MA Capstone Project is a research based work?such as a case-study, article-length paper, or sample corporate communication strategy that integrates the range of corporate communication theory, practice, and management presented throughout the program and enables the degree candidate to: conduct research in a subject of interest in the field; apply knowledge of corporate communication acquired in the program; and demonstrate professional capabilities acquired during the program. The MA Capstone Project also requires the student to present the results of his or her research in a clear, professional, and comprehensive way to the university and professional communities at a colloquium.

Prerequisite: Students must successfully complete all other required courses. The semester before this course, the student must attend an MA Thesis and Capstone Project Orientation to discuss the selection of an Advisor and formulate the project's research question, methods, and organization, in order to prepare a formal project proposal.