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COM 9659 Business Issues for Corporate Communication
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

Senior managers draw upon five disciplines to frame business issues and evaluate solutions. This course is an overview of the theory and practice of these five disciplines -- economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and strategy. The course provides the tools necessary to research, analyze, and discuss the issues behind today’s business headlines. In this seminar, particular emphasis will be placed upon developing and practicing the ability to articulate a cogent point of view on selected business issues using these tools. Through a combination of lecture, role play, case study, and directed discussion, participants will develop the skills and confidence necessary to make a substantive contribution to issues debated in the corporate workplace. In addition to a close reading of the daily business press, course participants will select a publicly-listed company to follow throughout the course. They will use the company as a reference in leading discussions and completing a research paper. Company selections must be approved by the instructor.

Prerequisite: Corporate Communication major, or permission of the instructor.