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COM 9515 Graphic Design for Media Professionals
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

An understanding of the interaction of image and word and the power of that interaction to affect perception and understanding is crucial for the media professional. In this hands-on course in the basics of graphic design, students will explore communication through the juxtaposition of image and word. A design can enhance or harm the ability to communicate. In addition, advancements in technology have simplified image manipulation, which has become a primary means of affecting how people think, something the media professional engages in every day. Students will study the basics of graphic design for print, including the language of type and how image and word interact to create a full message. Students will also explore the manipulation of word and image in electronic and moving media.

This is the same course as ENG 9515. Students will receive credit for COM 9515 or ENG 9515, not both.

Prerequisite: None