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CMP 2850 Great Works of Literature II
4.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

This course presents a global approach to literature by introducing a variety of narrative, lyric, and dramatic forms representative of different cultures and historical periods, from the seventeenth century to the present. Specific choices depend upon the preference of the instructor, but every class studies examples of fantasy and satire, Romantic poetry, modern plays, and a broad range of narratives. Discussions involve both close reading of selected texts and comparison of the values the texts promote. Students engage in a variety of communication-intensive activities designed to enhance their appreciation of a multicultural world.

Baruch Common Core (for students who entered Baruch prior to Fall 2013): This course satisfies the Tier II Literature requirement.

CUNY Pathways at Baruch (for students who entered Baruch Fall 2013 or later, or who “opt-in” to CUNY Pathways): This course is not part of the CUNY Pathways core, but it: satisfies the Literature requirement in the Weissman and Zicklin college options; is a choice for the SPA college option.

Formerly LTT 2850. This course is equivalent to ENG 2850. Students will receive credit for CMP 2850, ENG 2850 or LTT 2850. The courses may not substitute for each other in the F grade replacement policy.

Prerequisite: ENG 2150 or equivalent. CMP 2850 (ENG 2850) may be used to satisfy the literature requirement of the base curriculum.