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CIS 3810 Principles of New Media
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

A survey of modern cyber culture, including various forms of human communication mediated by the creative application of computer technology, and the developments that have enabled this exploding phenomenon. This course studies the history, theory, and practice of new media in today's networked society; the implications of the convergence of technology and convergence of disciplines; and the societal implications of the new connectedness. Second generation web-based media such as social communities, blogs, wikis, personal web pages will be examined. Issues relating to privacy, copyright and ethics on the web will be explored.

Prerequisite: CIS 2200 or ENG 2150 or a 1000 level course in Philosophy. May not be used to satisfy requirements for the CIS major or the Zicklin School CIS minor. This course is deemed an Arts and Sciences course for purposes of satisfying a student's general education requirements, specifically the Tier III minor requirement.