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CHM 1003L Fundamentals of Chemistry

This course is an introduction to some of the basic principles of chemistry for students with little or no previous background in chemistry. Topics covered include stoichiometry, electronic structure of atoms, chemical bonding, molecular structure, states of matter, and solutions.

Baruch Common Core (for students who entered Baruch prior to Fall 2013): This course does not satisfy any requirements.

CUNY Pathways at Baruch (for students who entered Baruch Fall 2013 or later, or who “opt-in” to CUNY Pathways): This course satisfies the “Scientific World” requirement of the Flexible Core.

Co-requisite: CHM 1004 unless transfer student has already satisfied requirement in Life and Physical Sciences category.

(Not open to students who have completed CHM 1000 or CHM 2003. Students who plan to major in Biological Sciences are advised to take CHM 2003.)

Prerequisite: none; Co-requisite: CHM 1004