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BLS 1003 The Evolution and Expressions of Racism
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

A multidimensional course approaching racism from a historical, political, economic, and sociological point of view. The nature of prejudice will be discussed with regard to prejudice against Southern European, Mexican-American, Jewish, and Puerto Rican groups. Emphasis will be placed upon the effects of racism on Black people in the United States. The study will be discussed with regard to the effects of racism on the perpetrators and their victims.

Baruch Common Core (for students who entered Baruch prior to Fall 2013): This course is not part of the Baruch core, but it does satisfy the BA Cultural Studies requirement.

CUNY Pathways at Baruch (for students who entered Baruch Fall 2013 or later, or who “opt-in” to CUNY Pathways): This course satisfies the “U.S. Experience in its Diversity” requirement of the Flexible Core.

Prerequisite: None