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ANT 1001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
3.0 Hours; 3.0 Credits

An introduction to the historical and comparative study of what it means to be human, emphasizing both the shared conditions and the unique characteristics of the world's peoples. Included among the topics covered are questions of human origins and races, the nature of culture, relations between language and culture, and cross-cultural approaches to economics, politics, religion, gender, and social organization.

Baruch Common Core (for students who entered Baruch prior to Fall 2013):This course satisfies the Tier II Social Sciences requirement.

CUNY Pathways at Baruch (for students who entered Baruch Fall 2013 or later, or who “opt-in” to CUNY Pathways): This course satisfies the “World Cultures and Global Issues” requirement of the Flexible Core.

Prerequisite: None