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College Now

College Now


Baruch College is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for College Now students both in the high schools and at the college.

Beyond being committed to providing students with the opportunity to engage in advanced and challenging coursework outside of their high school curriculum, College Now strives to provide students with the competencies necessary to emerge as responsible and active learners who are ready and able to become community leaders and role models for their peers. Overall, College Now at Baruch College is dedicated to providing students with a holistic educational experience that emphasizes active learning, strong communication skills, service and leadership.


Specifically, College Now at Baruch College emphasizes its commitment to the necessity of a strong foundation in the arts and sciences, and supports the development of the following:

    • Written and oral communication skills
    • A strong foundation in mathematics and technology
    • Advanced coursework to supplement the high school curriculum
    • Information literacy skills
    • Skills in critical thinking and problem solving

As a program dedicated to the development of institutional linkages between college and high school faculty, staff and students, College Now is committed to the development and growth of collaborative programming with its very own CUNY affiliated high school, Baruch College Campus High School.