College Now

Baruch College Courses

Qualified students at Baruch College's partner College Now high schools are invited to enroll in their choice of select Baruch College courses. This exciting opportunity provides advanced and challenging coursework outside of the high school curriculum, prepares students for the demands of college-level work and gives students a headstart in college.


Enrollment in a college course is a serious commitment. All college courses become a part of the CUNY transcript. If a student attends Baruch College as an undergraduate, the grade earned in a Baruch College course will be included in the college GPA.

Students who enroll in a Baruch College course are given a Baruch College ID card and a Blackboard and Webmail account. Students have access to all of the facilities at the college, including the William and Anita Newman Library, Baruch College Technology Center and Athletics and Recreation Complex.

All accepted students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation and maintain satisfactory attendance and academic performance.

The College Now program gives students a firsthand glimpse of what is needed to succeed in a college course. We look forward to seeing you at Baruch College!


To enroll in a course at Baruch College, a student must meet the following requirements.

  • At least a 480 on the Verbal section of the SAT OR at least a 50 on the PSAT Critical Reading OR at least a 75 on the English Language Arts Regents.
  • At least a 480 on the Mathematics section of the SAT OR at least a 50 on the PSAT Math or at least a 75 on the Mathematics A Regents Exam OR the Sequential II Regents.
  • Students who use PSAT scores to qualify for admission to the program, must have an overall GPA of 85.