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Office of Campus Operations

Phone: 646-660-6035

Fax: 646-660-6047

Mailing Address:

Office of Campus Operations

Baruch College/CUNY

One Bernard Baruch Way, Box A-1207

New York, NY 10010

Campus Operations


Project Managers

Responsible for managing projects, from conception through final installation and commissioning, and follow-on maintenance and repairs relating to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and their ancillary controls at the college. Oversees and accepts all related work that is done by contractors.

Responsible for commissioning of infrastructure systems in the Newman Vertical Campus. In addition, to ensure operation of the building's mechanical, electrical and other infrastructure systems. Oversees the maintenance and repair of the systems and the upgrading of these systems.

Resource Manager

The Resource Center will act as the single point of entry for all the services that we provide including, but not limited to, routine maintenance and repairs of facilities, moving, custodial services and architectural designs for minor renovations.

Upon receipt, the Resource Center will direct your request to the appropriate person within our department, who will contact you if appropriate.

You may place your request in any format: memo, walk-in, telephone call (646) 660-6630 , or e-mail.  A Request for Service form can be found through the Baruch Website or through the Facilities website for electronic submission. Please bookmark this location for future reference. As in the past, emergencies should be telephoned to (646) 660-6630 during normal working hours or to Public Safety/Security at (646) 660-6000 at other times.

Anyone may submit a request for routine repairs, e.g., replacement of light bulbs or calls for pest control, however, non-routine requests will normally require the approval of a chairperson, dean or vice-president, depending on the situation.  A funding source is generally required for non-routine services.  You will be informed when this is the case. Upon receipt, each request will be logged into our recently implemented computerized facilities management system, where it will be tracked by using a work order number.

The Resource Center is intended to improve our services, not to distance you from us.  You should always feel free to contact any of our department managers.


Architecture/Interior Design

Projects that require design effort are first assigned to Architecture/Interior Design, which provides architectural, interior design and engineering design services for space enhancements, and renovations. The section also prepares the annual capital plan that is submitted to CUNY and manages the college's Space Management Program.  Signage is also the responsibility of this section.


Custodial Services

Buildings and Grounds/Custodial Operations is responsible for custodial services both inside and outside of buildings, the college's recycling program and setting up furniture for special events.

Buildings and Grounds provides routine cleaning services of all classrooms, offices, toilets, and public spaces.  A limited number of people are on duty from 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. at which time the main custodial crew comes on duty. The night shift crew day to 11:30 P.M. Shampooing of carpets and stripping and waxing floors are accomplished annually or according to established needs. Buildings and Grounds operates the college's recycling program in accordance with the requirements set forth by the City of New York. Actually, the section has been more aggressive than is required and Baruch's recycling program is used as a model for other CUNY colleges. Your active participation is needed to make this program work well. Please notify the Operations Desk at 646) 660-6630 if you have a service problem or if you wish to discard large, heavy or bulky objects.


Administrative Services

Administrative Services supports the activities of the other sections within CF&O with administrative support. The section also oversees the office's local area network, the Campus Facilities website and other computing assets. In addition, administrative services also prepares and monitors the annual budget, responsible for all purchasing for CF&O, and handles the many administrative activities that are associated with the physical plant.