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Career/College Computer Skills Check-Up

Evaluate strengths and detect training deficits with a comprehensive assessment of Windows, Word, Internet, PowerPoint, Access and Excel skills. For the CCVIP Check-Up, a student will perform a series of tasks at the computer.

Developed by CCVIP staff, these tests yield a detailed summary of strengths and weaknesses. With this information, we can help students identify further training needs or make recommendations for college or job placement services.

Call CCVIP at (646) 312-1420 for more information and fees.

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Individualized Instruction & Coaching

Our instructional staff includes teachers and tutors, who are available during class and scheduled computer labs to provide support and training. 

Our classes have a maximum of nine students. We provide class material in large print, Braille, or on a thumb drive depending on the needs of each student. 

Classes and Seminars are also available upon request, as is individualized instruction, so please let us know if you don’t see something you want; we may be able to offer it if we have enough interested students.  Call Judith Gerber at 646-312-1420.

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Online Learning

Learn how to use the iPad with VoiceOver. In this course, we walk you through the experience of setting up your iPad with VoiceOver. We start with taking it out of the box and through the setup process. You will learn how to send email, surf the web, read books and more. To register, send an email to including your full name and the course you are interested in and we will send you everything you need to log in and start learning. This course is free. Then you can log on and explore the course.

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Braille Services

Do you or your organization need materials in Braille? CCVIP’s Braille Production service is both quick and affordable. We produce good quality literary Braille.

This service is available to companies, organizations and individuals. If you are interested in an estimate or for more information, please call CCVIP at 646-312-1420.

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Web Usability Testing

CCVIP offers a fee for service initiative to test the degree to which web sites are usable by blind and visually impaired computer users. The service is offered to businesses and nonprofits and offers feedback on ease of use and what must be done to make the designated pages and the site as a whole accessible.

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Scripting Services

Screen reading and screen magnification programs allow a blind or low vision computer user to interact with standard programs in the Windows Operating System. Often, though, the screen readers/ magnifiers need special knowledge or instructions, to make the application both accessible and useable.

Scripting turns an otherwise inaccessible application into something equally as accessible to a blind user as to someone with full sight by providing custom data entry messages to keep the blind person in sync with the application’s data entry requirements or giving feedback about changes on the screen which the user must have to operate the application properly and accurately.

Many applications in the Microsoft suite would be inaccessible, were it not for scripts written by screen reader developers. For applications that are less universal, scripts need to be custom developed by a third party programmer. This custom development is now available through CCVIP. We will work with you or your employer to ensure that you get the maximum accessibility that’s possible from your software. We offer scripting for JAWS® screen reading software, its companion screen magnification program, MAGic.®, or the screen reader program Window-Eyes®. Contact Judith Gerber at (646) 312-1420 or

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CCVIP Demonstration Center

CCVIP has created an environment where people can come and experience the various types of assistive technologies that are available to people with vision impairments. The Demo Center takes individual appointments to look at what devices or software would best meet your needs. We offer guidance and support if you are not sure what services or products would be most helpful to you.

Periodically, the Demo Center offers Workshops on various devices, and these workshops are filmed and uploaded to our website for those who cannot make it in person. In Spring 2016, Demo Center Workshops will be offered on January 21, March 10 and April 28. For more information on specifics, go to the center of CCVIP's landing page under News and Announcements.

In addition, CCVIP's demo center has created videos that can be seen on the CCVIP YouTube station

Please call Gus Chalkias at 646-312-1422 to schedule an appointment.

Demo Center  Workshop:  Meet the  Commission


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Handbook for Employers

A Practical Guide to Accommodating People with Visual Impairments in the Workplace is a handy reference guide published by the CCVIP at Baruch College, CUNY. It answers questions and explains potential benefits to employers in hiring employees with visual impairments; job seekers will find it useful, as well. The guide contains concise and practical advice from experts in the fields of employment legislation, human resources, and information technology. It is available from CCVIP in 14-point print for free - LIMITED quantities are available, or from Learning Ally. You only pay for shipping.

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Services to Baruch Students

As part of the CUNY community, The Computer Center for Visually Impaired People endeavors to provide every possible support to visually impaired Baruch students, including free Braille production of tests and training on adaptive computer equipment. For information on services for matriculated students with disabilities, please contact the Office of Students with Disabilities at (646) 312-4590.

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Discounts for College Students, Seniors and Job Seekers

College students enrolled in CUNY, SUNY and selected colleges in the metropolitan area may enroll at a discount if they are interested in taking full classes and are paying on their own.

There is a similar fee structure for seniors and job seekers who are not eligible for training with NYSCB, ACCESS-VR, VA or other sponsorship.

Call Judith Gerber for information at (646) 312-1420.

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Equipment Consultation

CCVIP’s technical staff is available to businesses, institutions and private individuals for equipment consultation. We are experts in assistive technology for blind and visually impaired individuals. This service is free to departments within CUNY colleges. There is a fee for service for all others. Some of the organizations we have worked with are:

  • New York State Commission for the Blind
  • New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Access-VR
  • Lincoln Center
  • City University of New York
  • US Department of Education
  • Internal Revenue Service

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