CCVIP’s 10th Anniversary Conference - April 21, 2017

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Welcome to the registration information page for the 10th Annual CCVIP Conference.

This year we are honored to have Tom Wlodkowski, Vice President, Comcast Accessibility as our Keynote Speaker.

Following this message, you will find links leading to descriptions of both the morning and afternoon workshops. Please read carefully and decide which two workshops you would like to attend. The descriptions will not be repeated once you get to the actual registration form.

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Conference Workshop Instructions 

Please read Workshop Descriptions now before registering for the Conference. Only Workshop Titles will appear in actual registration. As you read through the descriptions, identify and note the workshops you want to attend. Once in the registration process, you cannot go back!!


2017 Workshop Descriptions

Morning workshops from 10:35am – 11:35am (Pick One)


Policy and Practice - “Changes in Access-A-Ride"

Presenters: Ellen Rubin, Independent Access Consultant; Donna Fredericksen, Outreach and Public Information Coordinator, Paratransit Division, Metropolitan Transit Authority

Target Audience: General

Over 6 million trips were scheduled in 2015 on Access-A-Ride (AAR) – the paratransit service for New York City administered by MTA New York City Transit. This presentation will explain how applicants and current customers can be savvy users of the service from applying for the service, to booking trips, checking on trips and troubleshooting – we will present tools at your fingertips and more to navigate AAR.


Employment – “The Modern One-Stop Career Center”

Presenter: Flannery Amdahl, NYS Department of Labor

Target Audience:  Job Seekers, Employers, HR Professionals, Placement Counselors

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) increased the focus on people with barriers to employment including disabilities.  NYS Department of Labor and the Career Centers are interested in working more with the vision loss community.  Come find out what services and technology are available at the Career Centers and what changes we can look forward to in the future. 


Empowerment - "Awakening the Heart"

Presenter:  Sara Wendt, Senior Teacher, Kadampa Meditation Center

Target Audience: General

Meditation is a powerful tool for connecting to our deeper awareness at our heart. We can use meditation to cultivate our ability to know and understand the mind and to leverage our mind to find greater purpose, clarity and joy in life. This course will focus on discussing the benefits of using meditation to empower participants to navigate the challenges and opportunities of life.


Technology Now– "Affordable Braille Displays”

Presenter: Craig Meador Ed.D, President, American Printing House for the Blind

Target Audience: Braille Users, Employers, HR Professionals, Placement Counselors

A multi-national consortia met to discuss the unthinkable: the creation of a refreshable braille device that would be priced less than $500. The intent of this plan was to reach those areas where hard copy braille is too expensive to produce and resources were nonexistent. Introduced in 2016, the Orbit Reader 20 is now available to consumers.  Learn how it works and can this model of cooperation work for other costly technology.


Technology for the Future - “The Blind Individual and Driverless Cars”

Presenter: Dr. Gene Bourquin, Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults (HKNC)

Target Audience: People with Little to No Vision, Placement Counselors

While the popular idea of driverless cars promises a carefree ride and new freedom for people with visual impairments, the reality may be quite different.  We will explore the technologies, the ethics, and the profound changes that will impact people who are blind and visually impaired on the pedestrian environment that are coming with autonomous vehicles.


Vendor Exhibit from 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Target Audience: General
Visit, get demos, and use assistive technology products.


Placement Counselors Workshop from 1:10pm -2:10pm
Target Audience: Placement Counselors Only


Afternoon Workshops from 2:35pm-3:35pm (Pick One)


Policy and Practice – “Key Advocacy Issues Facing Disability Communities”

Presenters: Brett Eisenberg, Executive Director, Bronx Independent Living Centers; Mindy Jacobsen, First Vice President of the National Federation of the Blind of New York

Target Audience: General

In this workshop, panelists will discuss advocacy areas that disability centers are addressing and working on and how individuals can get involved in their communities with restaurants and other businesses to ensure that they provide menus and other materials in large print and other accessible formats, safe and accessible street crossings, and access to arts and entertainment. Come, share, and discuss the issues that affect us all. 


Employment - "Individual Success Stories"

Presenters: TBA

Target Audience: Job Seekers, Employers, HR Professionals, Placement Counselors

This session will feature a panel comprised of blind or visually impaired employees and their placement specialists speaking about the process by which they developed an effective working partnership, the first 90 days on the job, challenges, working relations, and what made it work.

Empowerment - “Financial Empowerment – Learn, Earn, and Save”

Presenter: Laurie Schaller, Manager of Financial Empowerment, National Disability Institute

Target Audience: General

Join National Disability Institute for an overview of new opportunities for individuals with disabilities who want to work, improve their ability to manage their finances, and save money above the current federal asset limits. Information on free financial education programs, the ABLE Act and assistive technology loans will be provided. For individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits, we will address the ways these opportunities allow you to work and save and keep some or all of your benefits.

Technology Now - "The Art of Well-Being:  Living Well Apps”

Presenter: Audrey Schading, Communications Instructor, Lighthouse Guild

Target Audience: General

Experience the joy, privilege and opportunity of being well! Participants will review and discuss technology with living well aps, audio samples, and fun demos to enhance overall health. Engage in physical and mental exercises, Yoga, and Chi Gong. Learn what recipes and books can lead to a healthy life style and receive handout information in braille, large print, digital text and audio formats.

Technology Research– Cornell Ability Lab on Mobility and Glasses

Presenter: Dr. Shiri Azencot, Associate Professor, Jacobs Technion - Cornell Institute, CORNELL TECH

Target Audience: Job Seekers, Employers, HR Professionals, Placement Counselors

Researchers from Cornell will show you their projects: one dealing with “smart glasses,” and the other with 3d printing combined with apps that will tell someone what they are touching. In addition participants will experience actual prototypes.



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