Peer Staff
Peers serve as paraprofessional career coaches to students via walk-in and scheduled appointments
Aditi Kalani

Aditi is a senior currently majoring in Industrial Organizational Psychology and minoring in Communication Studies. She is looking to pursue a career in human resources. She is highly active in T.E.A.M. Baruch, having been a Peer Mentor for four freshman/transfer seminar classes, an orientation leader, and beginning her new role as a Peer for Career. She is also an Internship Coordinator at the Weissman Center for International Business. Additionally, she co-founded and currently manages a project called “Humans of Baruch.”
Aleksandra Ryshina

Alex is a sophomore pursing a major in Economics and a minor in English. Alex encourages students to get involved on campus because she believes in both an experimental and hard-working approach towards the college experience. She is also looking forward to building career skills with students and helping them discover the value of all their past and current endeavors. In an attempt to take her own risk-taking advice, Alex spent the summer studying improvisational comedy at the UCB Theater.
Bhavik Patel

Bhavik is a senior who recently got accepted to the Integrated Accounting Program with a minor in Law & Policy. Bhavik was able to study abroad in London during his sophomore year where he networked with talented individuals and built professional connections. He has also written for the business section of The Ticker and is currently working at CBS as a Corporate Tax Intern. As a Peer, he aims to make a positive impact on students and guide them towards their career goals.
Brian Tang

Brian is a Dean's Scholar sophomore intending to major in Biological Sciences and minor in Psychology. After the T.E.A.M. Baruch retreat, he decided that he would enjoy becoming a Peer for Career at SCDC to assist clients with their resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters for potential job positions. As a Peer, he hopes to learn more about professionalism, acquire additional leadership skills, and improve on his weaknesses. In the near future, he is hoping to take the MCAT and apply to good medical schools.
Erika Apupalo

Erika is a sophomore interested in majoring in Economics and minoring in Spanish Literature. This summer she interned at Women’s Venture Fund where she learned about non-profit management and its impact in economic development. She looks forward to helping students utilize the resources available at the Starr Development Center to achieve their professional development goals. Outside of Peers, she enjoys volunteering around New York and is an avid reader.
Karen Choi

Karen is a junior majoring in Accounting with minors in New York City Studies and Philosophy. She spent the past summer working as an Orientation Leader, welcoming freshmen and transfer students to Baruch College. For the upcoming semester, she hopes to help her fellow students with resume, cover letter, and thank you letter reviews. She will also be serving as a Freshman Seminar Peer Mentor in the fall.
Khalid Khalid

Khalid is an upper junior pursuing an International Business degree with a functional area of Finance. As a transfer student, he has taken advantages of the various leadership activities in Baruch such as The Consulting Club, Ascend, and Orientation Leader last summer. Also, Khalid has studied and interned abroad in Berlin, Germany. In joining Peers for Careers, he is excited to assist his fellow students from Baruch by reviewing their resumes and cover letters or assisting with any career exploration.
Lisa Puran

Lisa is a junior in the Macaulay Honors program majoring in Finance with minors in Computer Information Systems and New York City Studies. This past summer, she studied abroad in Italy and interned at a private investment firm. She is passionate about becoming a Peer, as it would allow her to conduct professional document reviews in order to help Baruch students with their career-related goals. At Baruch, Lisa was also a part of RSSP, served as a Freshman Peer Mentor, and will be an FWA mentee.
Michelle Sheu

Michelle is a sophomore pursuing a CUNY B.A. with a self-proposed major in Transmedia Storytelling. At SCDC, she looks forward to empowering students through professional development and encouraging them to pursue their passions in their long-term career goals. Michelle will be concurrently serving as a Tier 1 Peer, a representative on the USG Communications Board, and Blog Editor of the Advertising Design Society (ADS).
Mahir Khan

Mahir is a junior majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in Psychology. Besides working as a Peer at the SCDC, he works as a recruiter for the Manhattan Branch of AXA Advisors. Mahir is an active student leader – he works as an Orientation Leader as well as a Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen. He is eager to help the students of Baruch to become better professionals and have a better understanding of their career goals. In his free time, Mahir fund raises for Baruch's Relay for Life and is also the Vice President of Public Affairs for Golden Key International Honor Society.
Ha P. (Skylar) Le

Skylar is a rising sophomore pursuing a major in Accounting. She appreciates the given opportunity to work at SCDC and offer her skills in reviewing resume, cover letters as well as thank you notes to Baruch’s students. Skylar believes that it is crucial for students to be ambitious and reach out to resources in college in order to achieve their occupational goals. In addition to being involved in the Center’s activities, Skylar is an active member of New York Cares and willing to contribute her capacity to the community.
Sonam Sewnauth

Sonam is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in philosophy. She enjoys studying philosophy that focuses on the development of one's self and the need to be authentic, which she relates to standing out in the competitive job world. Through Peers, Sonam seeks to connect with students, understand their career goals, and help them realize their potential. She is an active member of Women in Business and serves as the Vice President of Press for the club's 'Strive' Magazine.
Stella Kong

Stella is a junior majoring in Marketing with a double minor in Political Science and New York City Studies. She is a Macaulay Honors student and a member of Ascend Baruch. Stella has gained experience in the advertising industry with internships in both agencies and media companies. A member of T.E.A.M. Baruch, she is eager to give back to the organization that has helped her grow professionally and socially. As a Peer, she hopes to help others to secure their professional platform.
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