Peer Staff
Peers serve as paraprofessional career coaches to students via walk-in and scheduled appointments

Alex Ryshina

Alex is a junior currently majoring in Political Science and English. She hopes to attend law school after her undergraduate career, while staying involved in the theater community. This summer, Alex was a Leadership Fellow at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where she strengthened her professional skills and developed a plan for a social service project. Alex has spent a year as a Peer for Career, co-chairing the philanthropy committee and the external communications committee. Additionally, Alex spends her time studying improvisational comedy at the UCB Theater.

Aliou Badara Sidibe

Aliou is a sophomore majoring in Accounting. He has been working at the Baruch College International Admission Office where he provides help and guidance to international students in order to facilitate their transition to life in the U.S. This past summer he served as an Orientation Leader, and this fall he will be teaching a freshman seminar class. As a Peer for Career, he looks forward to help students define their career path as well as assisting them with resumes and cover letters reviews.

Erika Apupalo

Erika is a junior intending to double major in Spanish Literature and Human Rights. This summer she interned at Scholastic where she fostered her love for books and interests in education, literacy and professional development. She looks forward to helping students utilize the resources available at the Starr Career Development Center to achieve their professional development goals. Outside of Peers, she enjoys volunteering, writing and looks forward to meeting her favorite authors.

Jack Zheng

Jack is a rising senior majoring in Accounting with a goal of pursuing a master’s degree and a CPA license. Being transferred to Baruch from another country, he embraced cultural difference and appreciated the charm of New York City. By joining the T.E.A.M. Baruch program, he actively engaged in team-building and leadership development activities and built lasting friendships with fellow students. Through training, he is equipped with the ability to help clients with writing their resume and cover letters.

Karen Choi

Karen is a senior majoring in Accounting with minors in Philosophy, Computer Information Systems, and New York City Studies. For the past semesters, she has gained vast experience in Accounting by serving as a Vendor Relations Support Aide at MTA and as a Budget Performance and Analysis Intern at the Port Authority of NY&NJ. She is excited to continue working at the Starr Career Development Center to help her fellow students explore their full potential.

Khalid Khalid

Khalid is a senior majoring in International Business with a functional area of Finance. Being Part of Tier I & II of the Peers Program, he enjoys assisting his fellow students with resume reviews, mock interviews and any other career goals. Last fall, he studied and interned abroad while this past summer he landed an internship in NY through Baruch. Khalid has been active in multiple campus leadership roles. As a Peer, he hopes to continue adding value to students’ professional careers.

Lisa Puran

Lisa is a senior in the Macaulay Honors and Zicklin Honors programs completing a BBA in Finance and Investments and a minor in CIS. This past summer, she completed a financial technology internship at BlackRock. Lisa is excited to continue as a Peer for a second year to help Baruch students with their professional development. In addition to serving as a Tier 2 Peer, Lisa was a member of RSSP, is in the FWA, and is the new VP of Professional Development for Golden Key International Honor Society.

Meng Shi

Meng is a sophomore pursuing a major in Accounting. She joined multiple clubs which included Model UN in freshman year and now she is the VP of Marketing of Ascend Baruch. After the T.E.A.M. Baruch retreat, she decided she would also like to assist students throughout Baruch to reach new heights and ascend. As a peer, she aims not only to provide excellent services but also to encourage students to get involved on campus to reach their academic and career-related goals.

Nyuma Gumaneh

Nyuma is a sophomore majoring in Finance with double minors in Sociology and Communication Studies. She is an active student leader and serves as a Freshman Seminar Peer Mentor, Global Cultural Exchange Mentor, and Peer for Career at the SCDC. Nyuma believes it is vital for students to establish their own identity and seeks to empower students through leadership and professional development by helping them use career resources and encouraging them to pursue their passions.

Rebecca Vicente

Rebecca is a sophomore pursuing a CUNY B.A. in the self-designed field of Art Ethonomics. She is also a Baruch Dean's Scholar and is interested in all forms of Art with a personal focus on graphic design and ceramics. Rebecca believes that any goal can be reached through discipline and passion. She looks forward to contributing to the quality and supportive atmosphere of the SCDC while encouraging students to achieve their full potential.

Shaimaa Abdelrahman

Shaimaa is a sophomore aiming to get into the Zicklin school of Business, majoring in Finance and minoring in Business Communication. Currently, Shaimaa will be teaching a Freshman Seminar class this Fall in hopes of making a difference in Baruch’s new generation of students who will face many obstacles. Through the intensive work she has done on and off campus: Tier 1 Pier Training for Peers for Careers, organizing Orientations, and being a member of Women in Business’s marketing and fundraising committee, Shaimaa is one of many dedicated and hard-working students a part of Baruch’s community.

Sonam Sewnauth

Sonam is a senior majoring in economics and minoring in philosophy. Throughout her undergrad years, she's interned at Starfish integrated Brand Experiences, Starcom Mediavest and a most recently, Guardian Life, hence sparking her interest in marketing insights and analytics. She is investigative by nature and fascinated by the consumer journey and big data. Through Peers, Sonam seeks to connect with students, understand their career goals, and help them realize their potential.

Thalia Martinez

Thalia is a junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. As a student who transferred to Baruch, she believes that becoming involved on campus is very important because it allows for you to have a great transition and make great friends along the way. She is very excited about conducing resume, cover letter, and thank you reviews because she believes that through helping students she can open doors for them and teach them valuable skills.

Victoria Merlino

Victoria is sophomore pursuing a double major in English and Corporate Communication, and a minor in Journalism. She is thrilled to work as a Peer, and hopes she may help other students build the professional skills needed to thrive in the current job market. Outside of SCDC, Victoria is the Science & Technology Editor for The Ticker, and encourages all students to become involved with the multiple student driven publications Baruch hosts.

Vitoria Waterkemper

Vitoria is a rising sophomore pursuing a major in International Business and a minor in Finance. Aside from working as a Peer at SCDC, she is also a part of Baruch’s Office of Student Life. She believes students should take the time they have in college to get involved and take advantage of the many resources available to them. Vitoria is extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of SCDC and looks forward to assisting students in their professional development.

Wenyin Li

Wenyin is a junior majoring in accounting and minoring in law and policy. Over the summer, she worked as an orientation leader for incoming and transfer student coming to Baruch. She loves to help students achieve their career goals so she chose to work at the SDCD where she can offer her skills in cover letter, thank you letter, and resume writing. In addition, she is an active member of Ascend and will be serving as the treasurer.
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