Welcome Back Alumni
We encourage alumni to maintain connection to their alma mater and to return for services and resources.
Get Started
We understand that our alumni have career support needs and encourage you to utilize the following resources:
  • The Starr Career Development Center's alumni career seminars
  • Starr Search, Starr Career Development Center's jobs database – alumni have a free account for life
  • The free career workshops offered through the Science, Industry and Business Library
  • Free Job$mart workshops offered through Baruch College's office of Executives on Campus
  • Attend/participate in events posted through the Starr Career Development Center's weekly alumni email
Career Transitions
If you are experiencing a career transition, we provide you with career support for a nominal fee including walk-in and one-one scheduled appointments, seminars, assessments (i.e., career testing), the Starr Search career management system to guide you through the process. Alumni should also maintain their connection to Baruch by participating in the activities of the Baruch College Alumni Relations Office and the Baruch College Alumni Association.

Baruch College has arranged for alumni to have a free lifetime membership in The Five O'Clock Club, the national organization that helps people grow their careers or find new jobs. Please use Promo Code “BaruchColl15” when completing the membership information.
Baruch College offers two mentoring opportunities for our alumni to give back to their alma mater and help the next generation of Baruch students succeed.
Online Mentor Program
Online mentors are Baruch alumni and other professionals who have chosen to "give back" to Baruch by helping students with their professional development. Mentors volunteer their time to answer students’ career related questions and to share experiences related to career and/or academics (examples include: conducting a resume review, a workplace tour, or providing industry/career tips and advice). The online mentor program is not an internship/job referral service. The Online Mentor program is administered through the Starr Career Development Center’s online management program, StarrSearch, and through the Starr Career Development Center Online Mentor LinkedIn group.
Academic Year-Long Mentoring Programs
These programs are run through the office of Executives on Campus. These Programs serve undergraduate and graduate students from all three Baruch Schools: the Zicklin School of Business, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Public affairs. The Academic Year-Long Programs help Mentees (students) define and achieve their career goals by providing Mentors (alumni and other professionals) to support, counsel and serve as role models for the Mentees. Mentors may serve as friend and advocate to their Mentees in addition to assisting and advising in their career development process. The Academic Year-Long Programs run from September through May of the academic year.
If you do not have a Starr Search mentor username, please contact us.
Alumni Fee Schedule
Walk-ins – every Tuesday, 12-1 pm. First come/first served, up to 15 minute sessions. Please arrive by 12:45 to ensure that you meet with a career advisor. Alumni may utilize up to 3 walk-in sessions per year.

Individual Counseling: $10.00

Alumni Career Seminars: $20.00

Vocational Testing: $60.00
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