• Spring 2015 On-Campus Recruiting is LIVE!
    • Spring 2015 On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is LIVE! Employers will be coming on campus to conduct their internship and full-time job interviews. Many positions have been posted so we encourage you to search through them in STARR Search.

      Companies coming in the Spring include: Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Fitch Ratings, Lloyds TSB Bank, Mizuho Bank.

      To search for on-campus recruiting opportunities, log into STARR Search, click on the 'Jobs & Internships' tab, then click 'Advanced Search', then click on 'OCR Position' within the 'Position Type' box. You must be OCR and/or Internship OCR Eligible to apply to these opportunities.
  • Job Hunting Tasks to Put on Your Holiday To-Do List
    • The holidays are a great time to focus on certain tasks related to your job search. It may seem like you can take a break during this time, but it would be a loss. Here are some activities you might consider.
  • Reminder: Update your Starr Search Profile
    • Make sure your graduation date, year in school, GPA and other relevant information is fully up-to-date as this information will help determine your eligibility when applying for job and internship opportunities in the system.
Upcoming Workshops
Writing Winning Resumes - Format and content will be covered.
Creating Your Own Major - Combine courses into a unique and coherent major.
Public Affairs Careers - Learn from HR professionals how to navigate the hiring process.
Job Search Strategies - Learn about hot new resources to utilize in your job search.
Morgan Stanley Presentation - Learn about their 2015 Operations Summer Analyst program.
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