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Teresa Liu
Associate Director, International Admissions

Published November 11, 2013 Bookmark and Share

Photo of Teresa Liu

"It's been an incredible opportunity, to be in on the beginning of an initiative," says Teresa Liu, associate director, international admissions. She began working at Baruch in August 2012, part of the school's aim to recruit more international students and enhance the international capabilities of the admissions process, as detailed in the Strategic Plan. Since then she's been deeply engaged in her newly-created post. "It's been a pleasure to learn about Baruch and the benefits that international students can bring to and get from the school."

A first-generation Egyptian-American, Liu grew up in Middletown, N.Y. After completing undergraduate studies at SUNY Albany, she joined the Peace Corps'International was always very interesting to me,? she says. "Immersion in another culture, learning a new language. After Peace Corps, I knew I would have to work in a field interacting with other cultures."

After obtaining a master's in nonprofit management from The New School, Liu became an international admissions advisor at Berkeley College in Manhattan. It was a great learning experience, but after a couple of years, "I realized that my heart was in nonprofit," she says. "I went to SUNY; I could relate to the values of public education."

She accepted the position at Baruch, where she found both familiar tasks and new challenges, such as systems not set up for international students, whether it's not being able to pay by credit card or addresses not fitting into the template. One of the first projects she worked on was setting up website resources for international students.

Liu has great admiration for Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and Dean of Students Ben Corpus, and his role in the international initiative. "His vision, his larger-than-life attitude is very much what you need in this position," she says. "He's been an incredible mentor."

Of her achievements at Baruch thus far, she says, "I'm very proud of the increase we've had in international students," though she's quick to note that Baruch is such a great brand that it self-recruits,= referring to the positive word of mouth from friends, family, alumni far flung across the world. She's also happy about laying the groundwork for the international initiative. We're still creating procedures and policies around systems that aren't conducive to international recruitment, building workarounds or just more efficient and customer-friendly procedures. A big part of my plan is to get more information into the hands of prospects, so they don't have to learn it through an arduous process. The goal is to have a well-oiled machine regarding international admissions.

Liu understands the importance of her role in students lives: "Connecting with families and students who are making a crucial decision about where to go for higher education, I want to make sure I can go to bed at night confident in what I?m suggesting for somebody's life."
For Liu, the most fulfilling part of her job is the interaction with students, whether working with them, or just being around them. "It just recharges my battery; a dose of youth and a dose of optimism. She appreciates their gratitude, the opportunity they feel is ahead of them at Baruch; it's very gratifying to play a part in their experience in New York."