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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tuition and Fee Payments


Can I pay my tuition bill with credit card?

Yes, credit card payments can only be made via your CUNYfirst account and will be processed by the University’s third party card processor. You will be charged a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.65% in addition to tuition and fees. The University will not accept credit card payments mailed or in person to the Bursar Office for tuition and fees.


To verify the amount of the convenience fee, logon to the CUNYfirst system.  Go to Finaces and click Pay My Bill.  Here you may view your bill and follow the steps to pay. The convenience fee will be displayed before the transaction is finished. If you do not want to pay the fee, cancel the transaction.


What types of credit cards are accepted?

MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.


Can I pay my tuition and fees with debit card?

You can use a debit card to pay online.  However, you will be charged the 2.65% processing fee.  If you use your bank routing and account numbers (electronic funds transfer or EFT) instead, you will not be charged a processing fee.


I am a student at Baruch, how do I pay online?

Logon to the CUNYfirst system and go to the Student Center.  Go fo Finances and select Pay My Bill.


Can I still pay online if I forgot my CUNY portal username and password?

No.  If you have forgotten your CUNY portal password, click on the “Forgot your password?” link on the CUNYfirst login page, and enter your username where indicated.  If it matches an existing account, CUNY will send a new password to your registered e-mail address.  If you have forgotten your CUNY portal username, you must contact the BCTC help desk at 646-312-1010.


When will I receive confirmation that my payment was processed?

Once the payment is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the email address provided by the student or payee. All online payments are recorded into CUNYfirst. Students are informed of credit card rejections immediately upon submission of the transaction.


Can someone else pay for me?

Yes, you must give the person access to your account.

Will I get a receipt in the mail?

No, you will not receive a receipt in the mail. Your receipt will be e-mailed to the address provided when payment is made. You can view your account on CUNYFirst.


I have registered for classes but have not received a bill. Can I pay online?

Yes, students can pay online after they register, as long as the payment is made on or before their due date.


If I don’t pay by credit card, what are my other options?

  • Pay by electronic check online. Logon on to your account, go to Finances and select Pay My Bill.  Then select Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Enter your bank routing and checking or savings numbers. Once you send your transaction, it will be processed by EDS, the University’s online payment processor. Your   payment will be reflected on your CUNYfirst account immediately. If we do not receive the electronic payment, a Bursar stop and a $20 processing fee will be added to your account.  Note: only checking or savings accounts can be used.
  • Pay by mail.  Mail your check or money order to Baruch College, Bursar Office, One Bernard Baruch Way, Room H-810, New York, NY, 10010.  Allow at least 10 days for delivery by mail.
  • Pay in person by cash, check or money order at the Bursar  Office, 151 East 25th Street, Room 810.
  • Pay your bill by making a monthly payment through the Nelnet plan. Participation in this plan requires an application and fee. Select Enroll/Manage Payment Plan under Finances on the Student Center Page of CUNYFirst

How do I get a Federal Loan?

Matriculated U.S. citizens and eligible noncitizens (green card, refugee or asylum granted) who are in good academic standing and enrolled for at least 6 credits may apply for federal loans.  Prior to submitting a loan application you must file the Federal Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA). Both the link needed to apply for the PIN needed to sign the FAFSA electronically and the link to the application are available in the Financial Aid section of Baruch's website.  Once the FAFSA has been processed, you will need to complete Direct Loan entrance counseling, a Direct Loan application and an electronic master promissory note.  You may complete and submit the entrance counseling and electronic Direct Loan application through your CUNY portal account or by coming in to the Financial Aid Office.  You may access the electronic promissory note through the Financial Aid section of Baruch's website by clicking on "Borrowing Money, Loans".  You will use the same PIN that you used to sign the FAFSA to sign the entrance counseling and master promissory note. 


How do I sign up for the TuitionPay plan?

Login to CUNYfirst self service and go to your Student Center.  Select Finances, then Enroll/Manage Payment Plan.


How do I obtain a credit card refund?

If you paid online with your credit card, checking or savings account, a refund will automatically be processed back to the same account.  Note, credit card convenience fees are not refundable.


Why is this credit card policy with convenience fee being implemented?

CUNY has found that accepting tuition payments by credit card has become prohibitively expensive because of the fees charged to CUNY for processing credit card transactions. This expense has been paid by CUNY using funds from the operating budget thus reducing the funds available for academic programs and other student services.


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