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Policy on Gifts to the Library


The Newman Library accepts gifts and contributions for the development of the collection. Especially valuable are books and journals that fill existing gaps and that support the curriculum. Gifts are evaluated by the same standards as are purchased items so that the total collection maintains high quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the College.





1. Gifts of books, periodicals, microforms, continuing subscriptions to print and non-print materials, and ephemera are accepted by the library, generally by the Collection Management Librarian or the Chief Librarian.

2. Due to the high costs of managing the gift process, the library's goal in accepting gifts is to acquire only materials which are highly relevant to the institution's needs. All potential gifts will be evaluated in terms of the collection development goals of the library. The library reserves the right to accept or refuse prospective donations. Among the criteria used to determine acceptability are:

  1. whether the prospective donations fall within the scope of the library's collection
  2. whether they would unnecessarily duplicate material already held
  3. their physical condition
  4. the processing and maintenance costs to be incurred if donations are accepted
  5. restrictions, if any, which prospective donors might wish to place on the disposition and use of the material offered.



Prospective donors who contact the library are informed:

  1. that the library will accept most donations of monographic material and will retain items of use to the collection
  2. that the library will accept donations of needed periodical issues, or those for which it might anticipate a need
  3. that gifts of ephemera may be accepted, with retention subject to examination of the materials

Because of the library's classification arrangement, the library cannot maintain separate named collections. Unwanted material is normally offered to other City University of New York libraries, and to library patrons, and will be offered at no charge. Materials not wanted by the library will not be returned to the donors.

The donor may be requested to provide a description of any gift before it can be considered. If a collection is offered, either in whole or in part, a full description (including card files, lists, manifest, etc.) may be requested. In the absence of such documentation, the library may require on-site evaluation of the collection by library staff before a determination to accept can be made.

Gifts must be brought or mailed to the Newman Library. The library does not have a vehicle to pick up the items nor liability insurance to cover personnel for such activities. The library does not usually supply an itemized list of contributions. Materials which bear the ownership markings of another library or institution and do not have any indication of being withdrawn from that institution's collection will not be accepted.



For items received from donors, a formal acknowledgment of its receipt will be sent to the donor. This acknowledgement does not limit the library's right to dispose of unwanted material in the most appropriate way, and is not a receipt for tax purposes.

  1. Upon acceptance, gifts become the property of the Newman Library.
  2. Documentation of donations is retained by the library for two years.
  3. To protect the donor and the College, the Newman Library, as an interested party, does not establish values of gifts or resources. If the donor desires an appraisal, it is the donor's responsibility to estimate values or employ the services of an independent consultant. Donors may want to consult IRS Publication 561 : Determining the Value of Donated Property (Adobe PDF) .

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