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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Wireless Printing for Students

Baruch Mobile Printing for Apple Users
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Step 1
Make sure you are connected to the baruch wireless network via your device settings.

baruch wireless network

Step 2
You can now print with “Microsoft Excel” or any similar applications.
Just open up the app and select “Print” from the menu after retrieving your document.

select 'Print'

Step 3
Select “AirPrint”.
Make sure your “Layout Options” are correct with “PaperSize” set to “Letter” then select “Next”
Select the right arrow to view and select the right printer for your job.

Layout Options

Step 4
Choose from baruchcolor or baruchbw.
You can now return to “Printer Options” by selecting the left arrow.

Printer Options

Step 5
Proceed with your printing job by selecting “Print” at the top right hand corner.
Shortly after selecting “Print”, you should get a message at the top of your screen, indicating that your print job was successfully sent to the printer.
You can then retrieve your print job at any available print release station on campus.

view the baruch printers available

Alternative Printing Options
If you want to print from a web browser, you do so by selecting “Share…” via the menu icon. You can then select the “Print” option. From there, follow steps 3–5 to complete your print job.

You can now print with 'Microsoft Word' or any similar applications