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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Microsoft Exchange Migration FAQ

1. What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a server side of a client-server based email system produced by Microsoft. Exchanges major features consist of electronic mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks; support for mobile and web-based access to information. The system uses Microsoft Outlook at the email client to connect to the system.

2. Why do I have to move to Exchange?

The College is required to move to the new version of Exchange as the Microsoft is limiting support for the Exchange 2003 Application which the College currently uses.

3. How does Exchange and Outlook 2010 work together?

Outlook is the email client required to connected to Microsoft’s Server system Exchange.

4. How will I access my college email at Baruch College?

Access to College email will remain the same. Employees can access Outlook from any office computer by clicking on the Outlook Icon. The migration will allow that Baruch Employees can now use the Outlook Client from any computers. Previously with Outlook 2003 employees were required to contact the Help Desk for assistance in configuring their email account.

5. How will I access my college email from off site?

Employee can access their information by using the new webmail service. BCTC expects this application to be in production by early Nov. 2010.

6. How will I access my college email from a mobile device

To configure a mobile device to access the College Email System follow the directions below. – need more info

Due to the wide variety of mobile devices and configuration, some equipment may not be supported.

7. Will I lose my contacts or calendar appointments in moving to Exchange?

Contacts and calendar appointment will not be lost in moving to the Exchange system.

8. Will I have to change my user id and passwords?

User ids and password will not have to change during the migration. Employee are reminded that passwords must be changed every 90 days

9. Will my email address change?

Employee emails will not change or be modified from this migration. Individuals will still continue to have their

10. How will the Exchange / Outlook Migration affect Mac Users?

Plans are currently being developed to provide Mac Users an upgrade to Office 2011. Once plans are complete Mac Users can use the new Mac Outlook Client or by using the new webmail service schedule to be released in early Nov 2010.

11. Will there be any down time?

Employee will experience some down time during the migration. Access to email will be suspended for one night 8:00 pm to 6:00 am to allow the BCTC Team to transition your messages to the new system.

12. Will students be able to contact me?

Students and others will still be able to send messages and appointments while your email is being migrated. You will not miss any messages.

13. Can I still use the meeting request feature?

The meeting request feature can be used; however, some users may experience delays in using the Busy Search Feature until all employees are migrated to the new system.

14. How do I obtain assistance and support?

For assistance and support with any technology related product, please contact the BCTC Help Desk.

15. Will I need to access my email using a specific browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome?

Microsoft's new webmail version schedule for release in early Nov of 2010 can be used on browsers listed above. Although some feature sets may not be fully compatible on browsers other than Internet Explore.

16. Will my Email Rules and Folders be affected?

Email rules and folders will not be affected. The settings will migrate to the new system.