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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Equipment Instruction Manuals - Newman Vertical Campus Lectern

Using the Wireless Microphone

The wireless microphone is in the drawer located at the bottom left side of the lectern. The drawer should be kept locked - you can obtain a key from your department chair.

Wireless Microphone1) Turn the microphone on using the power switch.

2) Check the battery charge light:

    Green light
     Full charge - 6-8 hours of use

    Yellow light
     2 Hours Left

    Red light
     Change battery

    No light
     Battery is missing or dead

Replacement batteries can be obtained from Media Resources.

view animation of steps 1 and 2
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Microphone Receiver

3) Turn on the microphone receiver mounted in the audio rack located off to the side of the room.

4) Turn on the amplifier mounted in the audio rack.

5) Adjust the volume using the "Level" knob on the wireless mic receiver. Ideally, the knob should point to the gold mark on the receiver.

Turn off the microphone and return it to the drawer when you are finished.


The power to the receiver and amplifier should be left on when the microphone is not in use.


Tech Support Hotline: 646-312-1010