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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Equipment Instruction Manuals - Newman Vertical Campus Lectern

Turning on the Ceiling Projector

Control Panel
1) Lower the projection screen

2) Press the button marked "Proj" on the control panel.

3) A flashing red light will appear above the "Proj" button. This lets you know that the projector should be warming up. Once the light stops flashing and stays on continuously, the projector should be on.

view animation of steps 2 and 3
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4) Once the projector is on, you can use the equipment in the lectern. Click on a link below for instructions:

5) When you are done using the projector, be sure to turn it off by pressing the "Proj." button again.
  • The projector takes about one minute to shut down.
  • The light next to the "Proj" button will flash again - when the light stops flashing and shuts off completely, the projector will have cooled off and should be ready to turn on again.
  • Note: You will not be able to turn the projector back on until the light next to the "Proj." button has stopped flashing.

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Tech Support Hotline: 646-312-1010