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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Equipment Instruction Manuals - Newman Vertical Campus Lectern

Audio Control in 80 and 120 seat classrooms

These instructions apply to the following classrooms:

    3-125   9-150
    3-160   9-155
    3-165   10-150
    4-125   10-155
    5-160   11-150
    5-165   11-155
    8-150   12-150
    8-155   12-155
Lectern Microphone

Control Panel
1) Turn on the amplifier in the audio rack. If you are using the wireless microphone you will need to turn on the wireless mic receiver as well.
See "Using the Wireless Microphone" for detailed instructions

2) The volume knob on the control panel should be used to adjust volume for the PC, VCR, Laptop and Aux. It does not control volume for either the lectern or wireless microphones.

The lectern microphone has an on/off switch at its base. Make sure the mic is switched on (A green light will come on) To adjust microphone volume please use the amplifier in the audio rack located to the side of the classroom.

3) Input 3 adjusts the volume for the lectern microphone.

When your presentation is finished please leave the amplifier and wireless mic receiver turned on.


Tech Support Hotline: 646-312-1010